Tuesday, March 24, 2015

March 24, 8:15pm (NZ time)

1) We had a conference call with President Brewer today and much improvement is being made. The missionaries are continuing to work hard to restore the living conditions on the islands. Food shipments from the members in Tonga and Samoa are being processed and will arrive soon.

2) The members in New Zealand sent 600 buckets of food to Port Villa and these will be shipped to Tanna tomorrow afternoon on a boat. The food will arrive in Tanna before Thursday 12:00pm. The additional 1,400 buckets will arrive to Vanuatu soon.

3) The situation in Port Villa is much improved and food is readily available. However, Tanna is lacking many items.

4) Below is a map that shows the islands and it shows where many of the chapels are located. There are still quite a few members living in these buildings.

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