Wednesday, March 18, 2015

March 19, 10:30am (NZ time)

The Mission Home has power now.  That was some great news to hear!


  1. Is there any word about when the missionaries will be given a P-day type privledge and allowed to correspond with their families?

  2. I believe they are having p-day's on occasion, the issues is that there isn't much internet service available yet, so they can't send out an email. Even so, I'll talk with the Mission President and see if we can have the missionaries send a letter if the POST service is working. We will see what we can do here.

  3. Thank you! I'm sure other families would agree- it would be nice to get the word if post services are working so we could also send messages to our missionaries. Thank you so much for all of the information you are already giving us.