Thursday, March 19, 2015

March 20, 7:22am (NZ time)

A wonderful note that a missionary Mom got:
So just so you all know things are ok and we are all ok here.  There has been some damage but still not too sure what is happening around Vanuatu yet because the phone lines are all down right now and we were lucky to find some internet today at a school here…the only place in Malekula that has internet right now, so I have a little time to write this letter.  They have told us that there is another one that is on its way, but whatever happens we will be safe and there is no need to worry.  All the missionaries in each island met in a central and safe location before the cyclone, and us in Malekula stayed safe in a brick house.  It has been quite the experience, but we still don’t know too much of what has happened or will happen because the phone lines being down, but things will always press forward and there is a purpose in all this for the work of the Lord.  Throughout this hard time, people will begin to remember their Father in Heaven again, and be more open to the missionaries.  This I know, we must always look on the positive side of all things and I just want you to know we are safe and don’t worry! I have definitely felt your prayers and your love and God’s love.  I am grateful for you guys and the love of the Lord. Love you!
p.s.  No worries mama, I’m alright :)

Mom:  Just goes to show the strength and resilience of these missionaries!  They feel the love of the Lord, and his guiding hand and protection!  So grateful for all those who have worked tirelessly to ensure the safety and well being of our sons and daughters!  Thank you!

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