Wednesday, March 18, 2015

March 19, 3:51pm (NZ time)

From Sister Smith (missionary couple in Vanuatu) to a Mom of one of the missionaries on Ambae:   The Zone Leaders returned from Ambae last night and the missionaries are doing well.  The missionaries have resumed their normal activities and are moving forward.  Nice news! We did send about 2,600 lbs of rice and flour to Ambae.  Many gardens were wiped out.  At the big market house here there are plenty of pomplemoose. (giant grapefruit) and root vegetables.  Most of the bananas went down so the food shortage may occur in a month or so when new crops are not ripe. Your sons were given a small amount of money (cards do not work) but it will not carry them too far. President Mahit is hoping to go to Ambae by plane this weekend for Church business but the planes are not flying to Ambae currently. We will check on banking this morning.  Everyone here is calm. These people know how to live without much. Your sons do also.

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